The most popular game of 2021, The Legends of Zerailn, is an open world MMO that allows the player to actually enter the game, using the newest virtual reality technology. When a glitch traps the players in the game, everyone has to learn to adjust to their new lives in a new world. Zerailn follows four characters through their struggles in the game, as they search for peace in their new world or fight to find a way out.

Interested? Click here to read from the beginning.

Zerailn will be updating twice a week, on Saturdays and Wednesdays, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time. This is my first attempt at making a full-fledged story, so it’s probably gonna be a bumpy ride. Given my past experience, though, it may have dark themes so beware.

Many of the things in this story, and the general format of the story may resemble a lot of different things. I’ve been influenced by a lot of people and things in my life, but I’m striving to come up with my own style.

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