Apologies and Announcements

Hello everyone, this is Kitten Game Lord, and I just wanted to apologize for disappearing for so long without explanation. I’ve been busy with school stuff and other projects that I’ve been working on. As for an announcement, this story is going to be continuing back on a thrice-weekly schedule. However, I’m not gonna be the one writing it anymore. One of my friends is going to be taking over, though I’ll still be helping guide the story. She is an amazing author and will bring the story to far better places than I ever could have. With that, I’ll leave her to introduce herself.

Hey everyone! I’m Dove, the friend Kitten mentioned. I’ll be doing the writing from here on out, with his help to plan out the plot and such. I’m really excited to see how it all comes together and I hope I can do justice to the great story that Kitten has already outlined here. I’ll do my best to keep everything moving along smoothly. Just bear with me, as I haven’t done something like this before! Like I said, though, I’m really excited for the opportunity. I hope you guys enjoy!

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