Flight: Chapter 5

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Everything seemed to stop as the announcement ended. It was like none of the wildlife- like nothing at all dared to move. There was no sound at all, just people standing around, filled with shock and a whole flood of different emotions that would take a while to figure out.

Chyler was the first one to break the silence, her voice barely reaching out to the two people standing next to her.

“It can’t take them that long to fix it, right? We’ll only be here for a few days, if that… Right?”

Her friends were already shaking their heads before she’d even finished her sentence, one of them speaking up.

“No, this type of problem might be rather hard to fix. Not to be pessimistic or anything, but we should prepare for the worst. We could be here for a long time.”

Neither of the other two had a response to that, and the group was once again plunged into silence.

Most of the day had gone by and none of them had said anything yet, but they were working. They moved towards the mountains to set up a camp. Once they found a useable spot, Matthew had gone out to scavenge whatever supplies he could, while Dylan and Chyler guarded and set up the camp.

Chyler wasn’t really a fighter, but thanks to her element, she was basically a human radar system. Every minute or so, she would send out a burst of energy, and if a player was within its range she would know where they were and which direction they were going.

Dylan, on the other hand, practically built his character to fight. He’d chosen metal for his element, which gave him slight ferrokinesis. He couldn’t lift, bend, shape or do other things in that vein, but he could use it to change a regular swing with a big metal hammer into one that could punch a hole through just about anything. Even without the ferrokinesis, since he chose Barbarian as his class he got a power boost.

Matthew had chosen Elementalist as his class, which meant he could use two different elements, but his other fighting skills were highly diminished. He never needed his other fighting skills, though. He’d chosen metal and air as his two elements, which allowed him to create something of a sandstorm with metal flakes instead of sand.

Whenever Matthew and Dylan got a chance to fight together, no one ever stood a chance. Their two separate fighting styles filled in each other’s weak points, making the two of them unbeatable together. Adding Chyler’s ability to see most sneak attacks coming, and their team was practically unstoppable.

Chyler’s thoughts were interrupted by a new group showing up on her internal radar. A team of players were close to Matthew, who had wandered to the edge of her radar. The girl stood up immediately, turning towards where they were.

“Matthew may be in trouble.”

Dylan stopped building the campfire he’d been working on for almost thirty minutes, turning to look the same direction Chyler had been looking. He opened his mouth to say something, but the girl spoke first.

“I know I’m not a fighter, but I’m going with you. I can help in my own ways.”

The Barbarian shut his mouth, simply staring for a few moments. After a small sigh, he pushed forward, towards Matthew and the unknown team of players.

As a precaution, Chyler sent out a stronger wave of energy, pushing almost a mile past what she normally did. There was a second group, the new one was five people, on a different part of the mountain, where her team had been climbing up. Probably not part of the other group, but she’d have to watch to make sure they didn’t take over their camp.

It was a short run to where Matthew was, only a minute or so until they got there. The team she’d seen on the radar were all on the ground. They were alive, but with their wounds they might not be for long. None of the players were Matthew.

Chyler let out another extended radar shot, and the group of five people was the only others within her range.

“There’s only one other group that I can pick up, and they’re two miles away. Unless they moved really fast, that’s the only other place he could be.”

Dylan gave a small nod, already moving as he did. “Let’s go then. He could be hurt.”

The two of them ran once more, towards what would hopefully be Matthew. When they were about halfway to where she last caught the group, Chyler let out another radar burst. She stopped dead in her tracks.

Without saying anything, she turned and ran back up the mountain, towards their camp. Dylan was close behind her, not even questioning the sudden change in destination.

By the time they’d gotten to the camp, it was already gone, everything packed away and put into somebody’s inventory. The group was there, waiting for them, with Matthew tied up and gagged.

“Empty out your inventories, and we won’t kill you.”

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