Flight: Chapter 2

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Sam stared at the blade, stunned. More than half of the blade had pierced through the wall beside him. If he’d been hit, there wouldn’t have been a chance for him to live. He pulled the sword out from the wall, holding on to it with a death-grip.

“I’m not looking for a fight. Just trying to wait out the storm.” He’d almost said that he was already pretty weak, but decided that would hurt his case rather than help it. Still looking around the room, his hand slipped onto the door knob. He tried to twist it silently, hoping to slip out before whoever was attacking him won.

Before Sam could get the door open, another knife flew through the air, slicing through the middle of his hand and into the door knob behind it. He tried to scream, but the sound got caught in his throat, leaving only a small sound to be heard.

You’re supposed to wait to remove stab wound objects until you have a way to treat it properly. How much did this game apply real world sciences? He didn’t have a bandage to use, or any medicine he could take to slow or stop any bleeding or raise his overall health level. Taking a gamble and a deep breath, Sam dropped the sword to pull the knife from his hand.

Pain now burning through his hand, he looked back at the door. Twisting the knob did nothing, now. He was trapped in a room with someone aiming to kill him. He looked around the room again, still not catching anything human-shaped. He dropped to a crouch, slinking to the left side of the room. Some sort of counter, looked like one a jeweler used to show off their jewelery. Not the best cover, but he had very little to work with.

The glass of the counter shattered as Sam got near it. He nearly jumped out of his skin, but he used that movement to get fully behind the counter. Unfortunately, the cover provided very little actual refuge. Backed against the opposite side of the counter, two more people were crouching; one held a knife and the other had a gun.

A loud shot rang through the air. Sam fell back, landing heavily on the broken glass on the floor. Blood was pouring out from a hole in his leg. Did he have a set amount of blood he could bleed, or could he theoretically bleed forever? Once again, he found himself laying in a pool of his own blood. Had it even been more than five minutes that he got away from the horde?

Part of him told him to stay down. Wait for his Death to take him away. The rest of him kept trying to think of a way to survive. Whatever he’d done on the horde wasn’t going to work again. His mana or whatever was still too low. His fingers moved over the handle of the knife in his hand.

He heard the two shuffling, trying to decide whether or not to just shove his body away. He’d almost forgotten about his own weapon. He hadn’t had a chance to use them yet, except for some basic practice on a scarecrow he’d set up out in Celadon Plains. He would only have one chance if he wanted to have any hope of not dying.

He flexed his feet, activating a small mechanism that pushed the blades out over his boots. As soon as the talons moved, he pushed his hands against the wall and the counter, pushing himself towards them. As soon as he felt liked he’d moved far enough forward, he twisted to the side. Both of them let out a scream, which he took as his cue to keep going with his plan.

Sam forced himself up, into a sitting position. The girl that had been holding the gun had already dropped it, focusing on the blades that had sliced through he thigh. The guy who had the knife was getting ready to use it. He brought his foot up, kicking the bottom side of the hand that held the knife, swinging his own knife before the kick even landed. Sam’s swing had skewered the heel of the man’s hand. The other man’s knife clattered to the ground.

He reached out for the gun, while the girl still focused on her bleeding leg. As soon as he gripped the weapon, he pulled his feet up, retracting the talon blades. He pushed himself back, putting one hand on top of the counter to pull himself to his feet. As soon as he was standing again, he pointed the gun at the two.

“You, girl, give me all the ammo you have for this gun.” Sam struggled to not let his voice waiver or crack as he talked. He could barely keep his hand from shaking.

The girl looked away from her wound to see the gun pointed at her, and immediately started sorting through her inventory. As she was doing that, he shifted his attention to the knife-man.

“You, stand up and pull out any bandages that you have.”

The man glared at him, but did as he said. It was reassuring to know that guns were still a powerful enough weapon to give power in the game. By the time the knife man was standing, he’d already pulled out his bandages. Sam only held out his bleeding hand, for the man to bandage.

As Knife started bandaging his hand, the gun-girl pulled out another pistol. Sam shot at her, sending bullet through the arm that she’d held it with. She let out a scream, dropping the pistol immediately.

“I told you to get out ammo, not another gun!” He reached out with his injured leg, wincing at the pain. He placed his foot down heavily on the gun and pulled it back towards him. He put as much weight on the gun as he could. As soon as Knife had finished bandaging his hand, he pushed him towards the girl. While both were fumbling over each other, Sam reached to pick up the other gun, stashing it in his inventory.

“Whoever was throwing blades before, I’d suggest you stop, because I will shoot both of these people.”

Sam looked around the room, watching for more blades or another person. After a few moments of watching, a man appeared in the middle of the room. Probably an enchanted cloak, or something. Thieves’ Guild bonus, maybe. He heard the clatter of small pieces of metal, pulling his attention back to Gun-Girl. She’d brought out multiple boxes of ammo. He only took one of them.

“Now, I’m going to walk out of this room, and if any of you move before I’m out of the door, I will shoot you. I’ll leave the other gun by the door, so you aren’t helpless. Don’t get it until I’m gone.”

None of them said anything, but all of them nodded. He couldn’t decide if it was shock, fear, or what, but he didn’t care enough. He moved towards the door, and when the knob still didn’t work, he shot at the knob until it broke off. At that point it was easy to push the door open.

He went into his inventory, pulling out the second gun he’d taken, and placed it by the door. No one bothered him as he climbed back down through the building, and out through the front doors.

The world outside was just as violent as it was when he escaped inside, but the inside wasn’t any better. He’d have to make it through the city and to the wilderness to get some rest.

It was going to be a long night.

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